Is Pilates The New Botox?

For those opting for non-medical intervention to fight the telltale signs of aging, Pilates can be the perfect anti-aging program! With its low risk of injury and full body engagement it’s even a wonderful option for those recovering from injury.

Stiffness and lack of fluid movement are dead giveaways of getting older. Creating core strength, building bone density and increasing overall fitness helps create a graceful gait and postural improvement. And when you feel better, you look better!

It can also help you keep your skin younger and even reverse signs of aging by increasing production of collagen cells and stimulating production of growth hormone. Which of course, helps repair connections between skin and muscle, giving you a tight, toned appearance.

But choosing Pilates classes wisely for best anti-aging results is a must. While the popularity of mainstream Pilates has evolved, large classes means is has taken on a “gym class” style feel, leading to slower results and limited progress. Instead, consider small group or private settings as they can facilitate faster results, offer more individuals learning tailored to your needs and keep you accountable with personal interaction.

-By Reneé Rose co-owner Shaan Saar

Co-Owner Renee Rose of Shaan Saar for Orlando Family “Ask The Expert”

Co-Owner Renee Rose of Shaan Saar for Orlando Family “Ask The Expert”

Renee Rose