Who Can do pilates?

Pilates can be done by most anyone. The slow and graceful movements make this exercise accessible for most regardless of age or fitness level. There are even series of movements safe enough forever stage of pregnancy as well as post-natal. Our duets and private Pilates only policy makes getting started easy. Having individualized instruction ensures you’ll receive the very best instruction tailored to your unique needs.

Is Pilates Expensive?

Due to the required time-intensive training and education required to teach equipment Pilates and the expense of specialized equipment, Pilates classes often come with a higher price tag than larger group fitness classes. Pilates instructors at Shaan Saar are trained in anatomy, study techniques and forms for hundreds of hours, learn over 500 exercises for various equipment, research theory behind each movement, and are required to pass a lengthy written and practical exam. With college degrees related to their specialty and combined training, they are skilled at making postural assessments and accommodations and altering sequences based upon individual needs. Participating in duets versus private sessions and purchasing package rates helps to keep the investment in your health and well being affordable.

Can you tone your body with pilates?

Absolutely! Pilates helps to create long lean muscle. Conventional strength training shortens the muscles and increases the likelihood of injury. Pilates though, elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured. Engaging core strength through consistent practice of equipment Pilates gives you a tight and toned appearance. Something well within reach at any age!

is pilates good for weight loss?

Pilates is a low-impact exercise. It's incredibly effective for toning up, building lean muscle, improving posture, mobility, flexibility and preventing injuries. While practicing Pilates can be beneficial for your health and help you maintain a healthy weight on it is not a cardiovascular or HiiT workout. Combining Pilates with overall changes in nutrition and lifestyle interventions is the perfect recipe for sustainable weight loss and maintenance. Every Shaan Saar Pilates member is thoroughly evaluated for their goals and we discuss what will help you progress toward those goals each and every time we meet. Our clients are thrilled to see the changes in their bodies and energy levels, week after week once they embark on our comprehensive Pilates packages. Just one of the ways Shaan Saar is different than other Pilates facilities.

What is the difference between Pilates & Yoga?

The short answer is that Pilates and Yoga have different purposes. Yoga focuses on relaxation and flexibility while Pilates is a near constant engagement of the core with developing body symmetry as a cornerstone.

How fast will i see results?

Diligent practice 2-4 times per week is suggested for best results. Because of our class formats you don’t need to worry about finding a class time that will work into your schedule. We work with you! To ensure each of our clients is making progress we give guidance on what to on what to do between sessions. As with all things in life, quality, dedication and consistency are key!